Rethinking Fundraising

ALS researchers are often responsible for their own funding, and spend nearly half their time raising money rather than focusing on actual research

ALS ONE’s continual fundraising efforts help to dismantle the self-financing model by helping to fund much of the burden and ensuring that our partnership team can remain focused on working to find treatments and a cure while supporting those living with ALS now.  Quite simply, ALS ONE works with and supports our partners to help them do what they do. Our partners also fundraise for themselves but our funding is the sole entity that supports both research and care – our united pillars.

Over $17 Million Raised

Leveraging grants and grassroots fundraising efforts, ALS ONE has raised more than $17 million since 2015 for the purposes of advancing the united research our partners and providing care resources and equipment to those battling ALS now.


Of all funds raised since 2015: