Ron Hoffman

Founder and Director of Compassionate Care ALS

  • Bio
    Ron Hoffman co-founded the Gordon T. Heald ALS fund along with Elizabeth Heald following the death of her husband Gordon in 1998. In time, Ron’s work led to the creation of the nonprofit organization Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS). He has served as founder and director of CCALS, working with thousands of individuals, families and communities living with ALS in the US and around the world. He facilitates and guides intimate discussions for those engaged in the complexities of living with and dying with this catastrophic illness. Ron’s work helps examine the myriad of choices and possibilities that people confront including the process of death and dying and the questions that arise as together they create space for dialogue around their decisions. Ron leads in-services and trainings for hospice workers and health care professionals. He also lectures regularly to nursing students at UMASS Boston. Ron is a board member of the Hospice and Palliative Care Federation of Massachusetts. He is a former board member of Men’s Leadership Alliance of Boulder, Colorado. Ron is the author of Sacred Bullet, Transforming Trauma to Grace While Tending the Terminally Ill, a book that sheds light on living with grace in the face of mortality. Contact Compassionate Care ALS at: