Kevin Gosnell

Founder of ALS ONE

  • Bio
    Kevin Gosnell was diagnosed in May 2015 with ALS, seven months after his first symptoms appeared - which began as seemingly common twitching and muscle spasms after an exhausting hike. Never did he think that months later, he would receive a diagnosis of a terminal illness: ALS. Kevin, being the remarkable person he was, set out to do one thing, even though he knew that time was not on his side and any efforts he made wouldn’t help him – it wasn’t about that - it was about leaving the world a better place than it was when he arrived. For Kevin, his final time on earth wasn't about vacations or bucket lists, it was about changing the ALS landscape trajectory so that those diagnosed with ALS after him would have hope – would one day soon have viable treatments, a better quality of life, and one day - a cure. His vision was to fill spaces that he saw as gaps – narrowing silos and creating more unity among not only ALS researchers, but care providers, and tying the two together to make greater impact and strides – and, creating a community of dedicated people to help. In a short amount of time, Kevin, with the help of his family – his wife Kathy and their son’s Scott, Jake, and Joe, along with his sisters, Shannon and Debbie, used his incredible people skills, positivity, and determination and aligned many of the world's leading experts in ALS research and care. These experts agreed that this initiative was an important one and ALS ONE was formed. Kevin lost his battle in August 2016, just seven months after our launch, but his legacy and ALS ONE continue, stronger than ever. We are proud to continue his legacy and know he’d be proud that we have made significantly measurable and meaningful impacts on both research and care, where our research and care teams share ideas, streamline processes, have greater communication and work together toward viable treatments leading to an ultimate cure while simultaneously ensuring that individuals living with the disease receive the essential equipment, care resources and support they deserve to live their best life while navigating such a treacherous path. On top of that, we have foster a very warm and supportive community for all impacted by ALS to feel comfort and gain strength. We miss you, Kevin. You are at the heart of all we do.