Kathleen Gosnell

Board of Directors

  • Bio
    Kathleen is the widow of ALS ONE Founder, Kevin Gosnell, who in the prime of their lives, was stricken with ALS. Kevin spent the ensuing 15 months prior to losing his battle uniting world leaders in ALS research and care, an aggressive goal to combat the disease more efficiently from a research perspective, and more effectively from a care perspective. Kathy was paramount to Kevin's ability in achieving this unprecedented undertaking while he battled the devastating effects of this debilitating disease. Kathy was on the front lines as the main caregiver to Kevin, along with their sons, Scott, Jake, and Joe. Together, they chronicled and documented their entire journey through videos, pictures and journals. Their selflessness and dedication in helping Kevin achieve his goal of making the world a better place than it was when he arrived, has made an indelible mark and serves as the foundation of Kevin's inspiring legacy. Kathy remains an active member of the Board of Directors.